Follow The Shooters

The Knott and Shooting Cabin

9. 0 km and 374 metres of ascent

Section 1 – To the Knott

Leaving the Sett Valley car park turn immediately left down Wood Lane. Turn right at the sign for the Old School Field, cross the river and turn left. Follow the path alongside the field and at the gate turn left down Swallow House Lane. After a few hundred metres bear right down Bank Vale Road, passed the football field and farm you will find a public footpath signposted towards Little Hayfield. At the end of the path turn right up to the main road and cross into Park Hall Woods (National Trust). Immediately before a crescent of houses turn right to go through a 5 bar gate onto Middle Moor. Turn immediately left and cross the stream then follow the wide shooters access track up the hill. After approximately 300 metres the first row of shooting butts can be seen over to the right (east). Continue up the hill and cross the bridleway running west to east and follow the 4X4 track closely, The Knott starts to appear to the north. Arriving at a line of wooden posts marking a line of shooting butts turn left to Butt No. 9. The Knott summit is 240 metres due north. Work your way through the heather to the craggy outcrop where you can enjoy excellent views.

Section 2 – Shooting Cabin

From the top of the Knott, head east, toward the Kinder Scout plateau. Drop down toward the small knoll in front of you via an indistinct path toward Laygatehead Moor. Below the small knoll, head right (south) to a shooters track marked by short wooden posts and turn left (east) where you will pick up a further line of shooting butts. After around 400 meters, just before Butt No. 8, turn right (South), to the next line of butts, where you turn right (south east) and follow the stream down. The track heads south to the obvious Shooting Cabin, after about 1000 meters. The Shooting cabin is a great place to stop and have a quick break, enjoying the views.

Section 3 – Return to Hayfield

To return to Hayfield, continue a short distance to reach the Snake Path, heading south west across Middle Moor. After about 500 meters go through the kissing gate, and follow the path down for around 1200 meters, until you reach Kinder Road, where you turn right back into Hayfield.