Lantern Pike

Hayfield’s local hill

10.6 km and 407 metres of ascent

Section 1 – to Lantern Pike

Start the walk by heading along the Sett Valley Trail. After a little over half a mile you will find a signpost indicating: Lantern Pike 1 mile. Follow the path by the reservoir and cross the weir on the River Sett (here you can get a glimpse into Hayfields industrial past). Walk up the field ahead, at the top of which is a narrow path leading to a stone stile. Go over the stile and turn left on the farm lane, after approximately 150metres turn right on to the Pennine Bridleway (PBW). On reaching the road at the top turn right and immediately left continuing to follow the PBW until you reach a wooden 5 bar gate. Turn left and follow the path to the summit of Lantern Pike where there is a National Trust Viewpoint with hill indicator. Here you can enjoy glorious 360deg views.

Section 2 – to Rowarth

From the peak continue heading north west downhill and you will arrive at a wooden gate. Turn left after the gate and either immediately follow a small track alongside the wall, eventually leading to a metal gate, or walk diagonally across the field in the direction of Bullshaw Farm until you meet a wider track and then turn left, walking uphill alongside a wall to the same gate. Go through the metal gate and follow the path until you meet a Restricted Byway signpost. Here you turn right down the hill towards the village of Rowarth. You will eventually meet a tarmac road and after 100metres you should turn right, walk a further 40 metres and go left over a stone stile and follow the wall down the field. Ignoring the first bridge across a stream to your right, cross the bridge at the bottom of the field. As you walk along the path The Little Mill Inn can be seen to the left (this historic inn is a worthwhile place to get refreshments should you wish). At the end of the short path turn right onto a bridleway and after passing a cottage the bridleway narrows eventually meeting a tarmac road leading into Rowarth.

Section 3 – to Little Hayfield

Turn right between the old telephone box and a row of houses and follow the path through the woods. Go over the stile and cross the farm track, over a second stile and take the path which runs along the left hand side of a stream. (Be prepared as this path can get boggy). After 400 metres turn right over a wooden sleeper bridge and then follow the path over a stile and up the field to Lower Harthill Farm. Go through the metal gate onto the road and turn left towards Higher Harthill Farm. Go through the farmyard and over the stile then cross a field to a second stile and head east towards Bullshaw Farm, where you cross a further stile. Turn left then right onto the PBW and walk towards Blackshaw Farm. Close to the farm where six routes meet, follow the footpath signposted: to Hayfield via Little Hayfield. The path runs alongside a wall until it meets a stile which you cross and then follow the path downhill alongside a wood. Cross a stile and continue down a narrow and sometimes slippery track. Crossing the stile at the bottom bare right onto a farm road and the village of Little Hayfield can be seen below on the left. You can either head down to visit the village and the Lantern Pike pub or continue straight back to Hayfield.

Section 4 – return to Hayfield

Follow the farm road for approximately 500 metres until you reach a sharp bend in the road, keep right onto a footpath and go through a 5 bar gate. Walk for about 150 metres and you will find a small wooden gate on your left. Go through the gate and follow the path down to a small group of houses and a tarmac road. Turn left up the road until you meet Swallow House Lane where you turn left and continue to the T junction, here you turn right into the centre of Hayfield village.